Our Story

Every Meegos character is handmade in Bangladesh by a non-profit Fairtrade organisation which provides flexible and local employment.

Providing Employment

Meegos will make a huge difference in helping over 200 villages in Bangladesh bring sustainable, regular and flexible employment for rural women. The first order of Meegos alone has generated over 4000 jobs and has given women a primary income source to help increase their standard of life.

Creating Handmade Toys

Every Meegos character is handmade by a non-profit Fairtrade organisation called Hathay Bunano. Hathay Bunano means handmade/handknitted in Bangla. Each Meegos character takes 5 hours to make with a Mini Meegos taking 1.2 hours.

Supporting Families

Every Meegos made gives parents an opportunity to give their Children a better chance at life by being able to send them to nursery or school. When you purchase a Meegos product you can smile knowing you' ve helped support a family in Bangladesh.

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