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My Adventure with... Daisy

Today I was hanging out with my favourite puppy Daisy at puppy park our favourite place to play. But today we were bored of puppy park and wanted something even more exciting! So Daisy started wagging her tail really fast and said that we should climb mutt mountain! At first I thought she was crazy but with lots of consideration I agreed. We packed lots of sweets doggie treats and warm clothes... The adventure was only just beginning! After 1 hour of walking we finally got to mutt mountain and had a little rest ready for the even bigger walk or should I say, climb! We were finally ready, only half an hour into the climb I saw so many things like icy statues and even some snow!! I was starting to get quite tired as we were all ready half way up the mountain now but Daisy still had tonnes of energy! After a little sleep and some more walking and a nap I got woken up by Daisy but it wasn’t just Daisy it was Harley the husky and his two minis Dylan and Hali! We climbed up the rest of the way with our friends and enjoyed the amazing view when we got to the top. However it was quite scary being so high up and we were getting really cold. Daisy me and our husky friends all cuddled up and ate doggie biscuits. Once Daisy and I got home we went to bed and that’s when I said “Daisy it doesn’t matter where we are, as long as we are together I’m always happy.


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