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My Adventure with... Harley

Once upon a time in a magical land called Meegotopia there was a dog called Harley who lived in Mutt Mountain with Daisy and Darwin. It was really cold up the mountain but the view of all the land was so good and you could see all the different areas. It was coming up to Darwins birthday and Harley wanted to get him something extra special but didn't know how he would get it for him So he went exploring the island in search of a present that he would absolutely love. And so the journey began through Fur Fields Forest where he met and spoke to Luna "Hi Luna, I want to get something special for Darwin as it's his birthday in a few days". Luna said that "you should go down the beach and try and find a really rare shiny sea shell" which Harley thought was a great idea as Darwin loves shells. So Harley jumped in the river that flows through the island and floated down to Woofy waterfalls and the beach. He started to look in the sand for a shiny sea shell but hours and hours past and it started to get darker and darker. After a whole day of looking for the shell he finally gave up and sat on the beach to wonder what he was going to do. As he was looking out to sea he turned back and saw the island lighting up. "What was this?" he said to himself. As he ran up past Paw Palace and Fetch Farm he saw it was the Meego Tree lighting up the sky and it looked amazing lighting up the night sky. He spoke to Wendy who told him that "any wish you want can be granted" so Harley wished for a shiny sea shell which was nicely wrapped and his wish came true. Three days later when it was Darwins birthday Harley gave him his present and he absolutely loved it. The End!


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