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My Adventure with... Poco

Me and Poco went on an adventure and the Meegos land went ever so crazy for a few hours. It was a cool suny day and me and Poco decided to go for a walk round Meegotopia to find new areas to play in. As we were walking round the it started to pour with rain but after about 15 minutes it turned into Chocolate Woofles. "Chocolate Woofles" we said. There must only be one person who wished for that and that was Duke. Poco had heard from Spot a few days ago that you were allowed one wish and one wish only for the sacred Meego tree and that whatever you wished for came true. After he told me this I wanted to go to the Meego Tree really bad and try it for myself. So off we went. When we got there there was a que for dogs and pups wanting to wish. As we waited in line I was thinking of the best one I could come up and when it got to my turn I knew what I wanted. "Please can I wish that me and Poco can fly for the day". As soon as I said my wish wings started to appear on me and Poco and we slowly rose up high to the smiles from all the other Meegos. It was amazing! We started to fly round the island whilst waving at everyone from in the Sky. The best thing was that we were able to see the whole of Paw Palace, the place which is gated. After seeing the whole of Meegotopia we decided to head back home to eat our favourite meal Spughetti Bolognase.


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